BlueSky is a global fundamental value investment management firm.


We are dedicated to active, high quality value equity investing founded on a process-driven, repeatable approach. We seek high quality business­es, with enduring competitive advantages, purchased at reasonable prices. Our unique investment approach integrates material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that our proprietary process has demonstrated to be highly correlated with performance. We believe our broader perspective to investing, which analyzes companies across a wider set of material information, can enhance performance and provide superior risk management.



Our team brings together leading experts from diverse fields that include finance, ESG/sustainability, and academia, which has resulted in an innovative interdisciplinary philosophy and approach.


We believe that examining companies through a wider lens provides a better understanding of how a company operates, and a more complete assessment of corporate risk, competitive positioning and future opportunity.


Environmental, social and governance (ESG) research measures corporate performance across factors such as resource efficiency, pollution and waste management, corporate governance, product safety, and workplace quality.

"ESG and the Future of Investing" White Paper

A Clear Opportunity to Drive Alpha and Better Manage Risk

Increasing corporate transparency and disclosure, combined with a growing research field that quantifies and measures corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) data presents a clear opportunity for forward-thinking investors and portfolio managers to drive alpha and better manage risk in the 21st century.

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BlueSky was recently featured in SASB’s ESG Integration Insights


As value investors, we believe the key to long-term investment success is our ability to identify and purchase companies that trade at significant discounts to their intrinsic value and sell these investments when intrinsic value is realized. From our perspective, inte­gration of carefully selected and financially material ESG factors represents a significant opportunity to evolve and improve upon traditional value investing techniques. Our ESG integration approach broadens the pool of potential risks we seek to avoid while also identifying potential competitive advantages, enabling the evaluation of companies across a more complete set of material information to drive better investment decisions.